Les Saintes Maries de La Mer

a place that will make you understand wishes of an artist

When I feel trapped, there is a place I like to go to. Taken by the wild and unpredictable wind I lose myself in endless sandy beaches. Summer, is great. But for me, the best time to visit Les Saintes Maries de la Mer is winter.

When you come in winter times you will face infinity. Infinity, embraced with torn flat clouds, through which a majestic sun rays are like a divine glow reaching sea giving it a sparkle, only imagined existing in heaven. There is nothing else to hear or feel then wilderness of sea and wind while they refuse to be tamed. By them, you are invited to surrender yourself to their freedom and everlasting rebellion. Sea and wind of Sait Maries de la Mer fill your body with eternal power while you are giving yourself to their timelessness.

The Freshness of the air fills your lungs, while you stand there facing an eternal power of divinity which is crowned by the sun that rests peacefully on silver clouds. Regardless of the coolness, air embraces you with softness and warmth. Air is the messenger of the sea that is sending you words of encouragement. Because the sea is a brother of our wild spirits.

And as you stand there looking a wild water of your soul, the wind paints one of its numerous glorious paysages. Shades of blue and silver perfectly pouring one into each other, accompanied by the angelic light of the sun. You stand there amazed by nature’s power. With every step, you take on the soft sand, you feel the generosity of the world you live in. You feel honored to be able to participate such a beauty and glory.

The most precious souvenir you will take with you from there is the one sea, wind, sun, and air will give you. They will equip you with dignity and pride.


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