Mainstream media stealing my headlines.

Until we, as the “civilized” and highly “developed” world can watch all that UNICEF commercials about people’s suffering, convincing ourselves that if we donate we are actually helping, there will be no end of those people’s hell.

I don’t want to do that speech about morals and everything. Mainstream media is shitting so many of those per day that they are losing any sense, and I just can’t find myself on the same side as some Hollywood actress. Something just doesn’t feel right.

They talk so much about famine, injustice, inequality, rights, global warming, new ways to improve your life and make the world a better place, that real people, that really have something to say just lose themselves in hordes of all that attraction prostitutes.

And while we talk and play democratic negotiations in which we give ourselves right to decide about other people’s lives, (.. like … who are we exactly? We graduated at Harvard and that gives us a qualification of God? )

people are dying. Children are starving. And we are all full of excuses.

We are talking and negotiating. It is not so simple to redistribute all that food we throw away. We need to talk and talk and talk and talk … if we do that, it will do that … but, if we do this, we will cause that … and finally … there’s just no money there. Who would pay for all that transportation of food to Africa, or we will lose very large amounts of money if our taxpayers won’t have to pay for transport from Africa. It is better to throw everything away. Our taxpayers will pay for garbage treatment, and look at this: we have another business!

When I was still a student finishing my master degree one of the professors said that Europe has nothing from Africa, that Africa is just a burden and cost for Europe. And that even today, African people live only of Europe’s generosity, which is in his opinion the biggest European’s mistake. This hurts me still, and I had to share it because after calling him stupid and racist I was nearly expelled.

I voluntarily dropped my schooling (even though I spent much more money for education that I could afford) when one of the other professors said in one of the classes of Economics, that in the Economy of the company, the most important thing is that the accountant is a woman. When asked why, he said, well, because in general, the auditors are men.

And those are men that create ” la creme” of our society.

And when I see all that promotion of love, friendship, equality, climate change, gay rights, women rights … and when I see it promoted by mainstream media and celebrities …

There is nothing about love, friendship, equality, climate change, gay, women …
it is about: you have money or you haven’t.

Today, was not a women’s day for all that women that have lost their children because of famine.

For the unemployed women in so-called developed world, today was not women’s day.

For women who were raped while others were watching or pretending not to see it, was not a women’s day.

For women who are sucking dick in order to have a job, today is not a women’s day.

For women who are sadly married pretending that diamonds and luxury villas are all that they need, is not a women’s day.

Today was not a women’s day for any of those women roaming in hope to find a better place for their children to live.

For women, whose children were stolen, was not a women’s day.

For women, caught in a war was not a women’s day.

Today, was not a women day for all those forced into prostitution.

Today, was not a women’s day for all that young girls, that because of a job can not afford to have children.

For women, whose reason for unemployment are her children is not a women’s day.

And today, was not a women’s day for any women who didn’t fight for her rights and her dignity.


Today is a hypocrisy day, like any other.
All of our special days ended up being April Fool’s Day.

In the end, what I wanted to say, I really don’t know. Guess I said it.

Children dying of hunger is much more complex and historical problem and it can’t be solved by SMS and some lame United Nation actions.
And what I wanted to say is: don’t fall for that positive discrimination. It is still a discrimination. It can not solve nothing.
Don’t be nice to me just because I am a woman. It is humiliating and discriminating.

This liberalism had made us so artificial it is simply unbearable to live anymore.

Happy Fool’s Day Everyone.




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