compassion. generosity. humanity. tenderness. unselfishness. helpfulness. hospitality. 


warmness and gentleness.

free of fear.




Besides all the glorious nature, what makes Romania really beautiful and one of a kind are the people.

To truly feel Romania forget hostels, forget camps, forget hotels, forget agencies, forget attractions. There is no need. Just sit in a car and hit the road. Lose yourself in their openness and beauty. Forget everything you know about “civilized” world and take a trip to a country where all those unwelcomed by developed countries found their home.

Forget fear and prejudices, because for what waits for you there is place beautiful precisely because it lacks those two characteristics.

Pack your things, don’t even bother learning anything about it before you leave, and go.

You will not feel like a tourist or a complete stranger. You are their guest, and everyone you meet on your way will treat you like that.

Romania is a home of very gentle people. Kindness seems to be written in genes of every person you meet on your journey.

And about language: you don’t need it. You are going to a country where the main language is understanding in general.

If you are looking for a place to have a real road trip adventure with all the disaster included then Romania is certainly one of the most suitable countries to do so.


Romania will for ever be that magical place, caught in between spaces and times, living in peace and gentleness of its people.


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