United Nations or United Ignorance

“I felt fear. How have they managed to kill me? I am not wounded, I am not slaughtered, I am not dead, but still … I don’t exist” (Mehmed Meša Selimović: The Fortress).

There is the new way of killing on the march. And it is called THE IGNORANCE.

Truth has become the main fear of our lives. Everyone is hiding behind the false walls of their lies. Try to break their walls by simply telling a truth … you won’t be punished, you won’t be murdered, you won’t be tortured … you will be ignored.

It seems like no big deal. And that is a trick. You will feel it like a blessing: “Oh, look, I can go on and tell the truth and no one will hurt me. Such a nice world to be living in. And what a great way to get rid of all that fakers.”

But after 5 years of your enthusiastic spreading the truth … you will end up ignored by all your local and regional environment.

While fighting on the wings of a truth you will not even realize when a firm coalition of sophisticated hypocrisy has formed around you willing in anytime to suffocate your being. And they do it.

You simply stop to exist. You talk, nobody listens. They take your job but demand from you all sorts of payments. You explain but they don’t care. You must pay it. You try to get a new job. You don’t exist. You want to fight for your rights. No one either supports you nor listens to you. You are a traitor for them all. For who are you? To fight for their and your rights? What do you think about yourself? You have to lower yourself down boy, you are not Che Guevara, and even he got himself killed for fighting for other people’s liberty. You are a threat for a worker, you are humiliating him by standing up for your rights.

You are left alone, at the society’s suburb, offered for different and more direct kind of criminals.

As we are social creatures, like any other forms lives, for our existence it is crucial to be able to interact. Even a fight is a way of interaction and proof of your existence. And of course, in the fight, there is always a possibility for you to win. If you are killed your death is a proof of your existence. And there is a slight chance somebody will remember why you died and how you lived. If they imprison you, you will interact and possibly find friends in prison. And all of those ways would in some point prove that you are right.

So, the best way is to pretend that you don’t exist. And possibly make you a person of a vivid imagination, paranoid, schizophrenic, conspiracy theorist – which you in the end, if you go into a fight with them have a very high possibility to become.

You become an imprisoner of a psychological fortress of your environment. No matter where you turn, there is a wall of almighty ignorance. People pretending they have no idea what are you talking about, all collaborating in claiming that “since you were a child you were one of the specials with great potential, but you know how is it with talented and intelligent people: their own brain burn them. Just can’t figure out what went wrong with that boy”.

Like mentioned before, mainstream media is doing its best to fulfill a media space with quasi-human heroes and therefore stealing the attention of those really interested in any kind of injustice from real fighters and giving it to one’s producers have chosen to spread a word of peace and justice. Consequently, making out of you some lame imitator who only wants his piece of fame.

The best solution for such kind of person, if he/she wants to save himself or herself from really ending up in a mental hospital, is to stay entirely independent from a state, or any other institution. Because no matter how much they pretend that you don’t matter, trust me, you are important. They are waiting for you to become dependent on them in any kind. Because when it comes to bills for flat, for water, for the internet, for anything, you do exist and you can end up in jail not for fighting for a truth, but for some ticket or bill you “forgot” to pay. Or of course, the mental hospital is still the best place to put you in while they all agree that you schizophrenic.

Reading a lot, I see that our time is no exception when it comes to making the only sane person insane. It is nothing special, they did it through all the history. The only difference is that in the middle ages, for example, they would burn me alive for saying this.

Naturally, since we have this mainstream media inflation of all sort of information, even these kind that people got so fed up with it that they are tired of listening, I sound to myself very pathetic.


photo credit: Aleksandar Mazzora



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