Writing tip


My wish in this post is simply to say all the writers that they should not follow writing tips, for they are creating a mass of monotonous and uninteresting works, made by the same design and form.

The real trick is: Don’t follow their rules. Ignore them, like they, in the matter of fact, ignore you.

Writing is an art, and like any art, it has to constantly break rules, not to follow it.

So with hell with all those guidelines and people telling you how to write your novel, how to create a character, how to use language, wich style of writing is for criminal or for a romantic novel.

Writing is about liberating yourself, is one of the ways to express your feelings. And, if your wish is to be a writer, then probably you already are a writer. You should spread your true and unique style,  be a trendsetter and not allow that someone else fills its budget on your confusion and modesty while setting trends of writing for you.

You have the message you want to share, you know what you want to be heard from your work, and only you can deliver it. And of course, no one is the greatest critique of its work then writer himself. You don’t need recognition from established institutions in the present. Your goal is to be recognized by the better, future humanity, which consciously or unconsciously you help to create through your work. 

There is no real money if you are true, but then again: Do you write because the fire inside of you burns you so hard that you simply must, or you write to have leisure and comfortable life?

But who am I exactly to tell you anything. I really know nothing more than just to share with you thins kind of tip I find useful not just for writing (for I am not a writer), but any kind of art, or profession.

With Love,




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