Sin of our ignorance

It hurts, it burns
fire of our ignorance
a shield
covering, protecting
our good hearts
from injustice,
forever giving us
excuses, flattering.
Armed with ignorance
we are
people and humanity
of one’s dreams.
Heaven on the Earth.

Celebration time.
Toast for such an advent humanity!
Drink, drink, drink!
Dance, dance, dance!
Forget, forget, forget!
Dance, drink, forget, drink
(Convince yourself that you
are not a shit)



children raped
children killed
children raped
children stolen

They scream, they scream.
can’t you hear them cry for you?
(music is too loud)

can’t you see their bright eyes
calling you, begging you
to save them from monsters?
(whiskey hitting me too hard)

//Mummy always warned us about monsters
as she was giving us to teachers and gods//

Children being raped
Infants sacrificed in rituals of Babylon
(above it we dance in our drunkness)

Look at their eyes.
Look at their tears.
Look at their little bodies
Imagine how it hurts
being so small
being so helpless
being so fucked.
(forget it,forget it,forget it,forget it)

Innocence should never be fucked

Children being raped.

Sins of humanity
are flushing over
the Earth
as sperm of
sickness pours itself
over the angel.

Go! Hide yourself
behind the walls of
ignorance almighty.

Receive its precious gifts.
Think children know
no fear?

Imagine white sheets.
Imagine white little hands.
(right now in some basement)
Imagine white little legs
(right now in your block)
Imagine ugly old fat dick.
(curtain on your eyes makes dick
hard and let it in..)

Children being given
to keep human’s sickness
(drink, forget, drink, forget)

Children raped
Children sacrificed.
For you peace.

alors on danse


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