How to create a retarded generation

Home should be a place where you feel warmth, love, safety. I guess. But since I was little some place was enforced to be that to me, even though I felt no warmth, love nor safety. I grew up as a stranger. Born in one of the greatest countries of the world which have torn apart, leaving me living in one of the biggest assholes of the planet.

Born in the 20th century and then thrown back to 16th.

And who wore the blame?

Children. We were guilty of wanting to live with time. We were punished for correcting our backward teachers without diplomas who gained a job as an award for their active destruction of the former system. Old crows destroying lives of hundreds and hundreds of young destinies.Eliminating everyone that was from the south, making them retards, stupid, and problematic.

Parents, raised to believe system more than anyone else, even their own children, have punished their boys and girls, while school, knowing that fact, did nothing to save children, only encouraged parents, in hypocrite way, to do so even more.

Children, once the most important segment of society, had become, overnight, unnecessary, an obstacle, something strange and different.We grew up, unimportant, and guilty. All the guilt and shame adults felt was transferred to us in their feverish wish to destroy our innocence and honesty. If we refused to cooperate in their lie that the world they built (read destroy) for us is better of the one they lived in, we’d fuel their aggressiveness and then be guilty also for bringing them to that condition.

Our youth and guilt of our parents and schools are overshaded with blood that was spilled for nothing.

We remain living with no apologies, we are the generation of frustrated people, lacking love and understanding. In the zone of coldblooded zombies that refuse to accept the truth and in the land that is spreading arrogance with each step its citizen takes.

Not crying for anything, for we are not allowed to cry. We are not allowed to complain. And we are not allowed to fight. We must be glad, thankful, and satisfied. Our mother’s and father’s still choosing who are we going to marry, of course in more profound and hidden way.

While the rest of the world has experienced progress in the technological field, here, human intelligence is progressively used in destroying other people’s lives in a way that seems he/she destroyed it herself.

But the rage and injustice we felt remained living in us. Many of us, converted it into a lie, that they have deserved being mistreated in school and to be beaten by parents. Many even deny of being so.

Persuaded that killing and hate of our parents is the only way to save our lifestyle and culture (read folklore) my generation is manifesting all the violence and abuse in hate towards newcomers, willing to beat them, even kill them.

From the generation that experienced only hate, injustice, and rage, is hard to expect anything else.

But from the person that have become lovable, understandable, and opened, even though that she/he lived in the same conditions is impossible to ask, to call that asshole a country and its citizens who are joined only in hate towards the third, people.

There are no excuses for hate and violence. It should be diagnosed as sickness for it is a cancer of our society and it is killing healthy cells or making them sick too. It should be treated as an illness, or it should be removed out of the system.

It hurts me that I come from a lie that should for the sake of the children and for the sake of those coming here now, or after 30, 40, 100 years, never be allowed to happen. This is not a country, nor anything civilized: this is an asshole of cosmos.

With love,






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