light breeze
wind caught
in my hair
flowers waking up
standing on a hill
looking down the valley
houses changing into
working ants
collecting for
the big mother in the
middle whose head
turns itself
into the smoke
sky, blue
flat, white clouds
stronger and stronger
my eyes burn
closing my eyes
taking one step

bed, sheets, morning
mommy has to hurry up
coffee will be cold

“don’t want to change my pajamas
don’t want to brush my teeth
don’t want to eat

mummy is different
this morning
(children know everything…)
she is somewhere else
and I am scared”

“come love, mommy will turn the cartoon on
(Just eat already!)”
“I don’t want cartoons!”

mommy can’t hear you
she is flying somewhere without you

sound of her phone
hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!

“I don’t want,
I don’t want,
I don’t want!”

(Children know everything…)

Mummy is so good,
working so hard
loving you
(thankful you should be!)
why can’t you understand
so stubborn.
and spoiled.
When she was a child
she knew respect
and you…

mummy is holding herself back
while she stares at your screaming face
your spoiled eyes
forcing her to rage

message: hurry up, hurry up

“Hug me mommy, hold me

I am scared
I am cold
I am alone
I am scared…”


pulling you
dragging you
along the ground
in your pajamas
(teaching you a lesson)

in absence
mommy forgets

you can see little child
a spirit of evil
and selfishness
squeezing her chest.
and you are scared
and you scream.
“you are not my mommy!”
telling truth – got beaten.
(learning to lie) 

without mothers
screaming for love
and safety
(children know everything)

absence of love
creates cold-blooded killers.
(you are their enemy)



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