I know a place,
hidden in our memory

never was I there
but I return to it every night
heart of mine rests there
and my tears pour
onto its soil

somewhere in the air
it embraces me with
the scent of halva and
fried coffee

it takes me closer
to the distant
laughter and
a magical melody of flute

and to the eyes…
fragile and bright eyes.
agony and thankfulness
is their color

lead by the bird’s whisper
and the bells coming
from the hills
so green
that green gets ashamed
to be called so

placed undefined
in the sound of šargija

dance of innocence

living with sheep so long
we forgot a decency of a wolf

oh, sun, raise…raise once again
and spread your angelic orange
on us
on this place where
even you once upon a time
cried when you had to leave

oh, accordion. wake up once
awaken our broken souls
in sevdah once more!

let us once more sing
about love
about dreams
about freedom …

oh, how I long for your
voice ….

…let us forget … and let us remember…

let my tears wash all this pain
all this blood and suffer…
let me heal …

let us heal from the fear
oh sun, oh rain, oh wind!
wash all this fear away

…so I can…
see my home once more…


Photography: Aleksandar Mazzora



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