Lost in the mountains
of Spain
a musical of sun rays
paints silver rocks
in magnificent
blinding gloss
eternal harmony
of star and wind
carved into immortal
separates me
from the world I know
takes me
to the unknown …
unreachable Eden.
lift into honey air
I fly and dance in the
spring breeze
white pearls in the
sharply green shelters
song of Andalusian
winds of wild flamenco
cry and power of gypsies
enters my veins
blood bursts into my eyes
and tears pour themselves
moved by power and beauty
of  the world
moved by nature’s love
blessed to be part of
cosmos’s masterpiece
both modesty and proud
fill my soul
as I witness magical
by a flash:
silver turns into gold
forever engraved
into my skin
behind a cork
I see myself
with playfulness
of a child
waving goodbye
to my bones and skin
left in the bright rocks
as my soul follows
red wolf
into dark woods
never to come back.

photo: Aleksandar Mazzora






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