Ode to Čačak

Amble around the globe
with soul filled by everlasting hope,
in infinite search
forced by immense urge,
wishing to find
a place of this kind.

Never have I heard of it
a place that would enterily fit
everything my heart needs
for what my eye bleeds,
I have found
here, on South.

Place that encourages kindness
chases away European anchored mindless
gentle to stray dogs
and different gods
where I too
can be true.

Humour is the native prose
making it to you – distant or close
through ingenious jokes
causing to polite people strokes
through farce talk serious
making it even more mysterious.

Never stopped believing in help
by every taken step
forever spread hand
in this avoided land
to the coming.

Where word means word
where truth is no longer blurred
never too old to be a kid
for those who have lived
heartaches and delight
peace and fight.

Humanity is understandable
no excuses for being cannibal
always too proud
for non-stop talking crowd
which speaks about prosperity,
rights and solidarity.

Never will I nor Čačak be understood
for those who walk around and have cured
such people and places
with their brainwashing phrases.
Washed them away
in their Tartuffian play.

I long to be forever hidden
and stay forever forbidden
to be forgotten by sponsored fairness
with my own awareness.
To stop roam
and stay at home.


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