Uncontrollable intuition
ultimate love and caution,
tenderness without condition,
a shelter for you to blossom.

Guarding and protecting
your life in front of hers
teaching and correcting
your every pain she cures.

Always on her mind
her greatest wish and desire
to have a child very kind
and to create a survivor.

When afraid she stays strong
fierce and patient
whenever you are wrong
whenever you feel hesitation.

You will never see her cry
nor afraid or insecure
for weak in nature die
and hiding fear is the only cure.

When she stays alone
she let her tears run down her face
she let her mind to be blown
by unique motherly grace.

A cornerstone of your life
the only who truly wish you best
and besides that, a loving wife,
by whom we are all blessed.

When time to say goodbye comes
her heart will crunch and squeeze,
air will leave her lungs
and entire body will freeze.

As she watches you leaving her nest
both proud of you and scared,
letting you go in wishing you the best,
her one, well enough prepared.

And then, she stays alone in her memories
preparing meals you once enjoyed the most
traveling in the past treasuries
putting on place your left shirts, trousers, coats.

She stays by the window
watching in the distance
waiting for the joy of her little bimbo
every Eastern, Summer or Christmas.

Don’t break a heart of your mother
her unconditional love and forgive,
for you will never find another
who’d die in order for you to live.


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