Fly over the wall

Surrounded by numerous walls
lost souls spread their wings
in the sign of their rebellion.
For no wall is higher
then our monuments of liberties!

We fly in the infinity of our space
void the only thing around us,
lonely in our flight
someday we will unite!

Like a glorious shield we will shine
upon your walls and your crimes.
All your lies will be blinded
by the glorious truth of our flight.

By every innocent death
thousand of innocent are born
and thrown among the stars
to search in darkness of the night
what behind your walls cannot be found.

Loneliness of our souls
will soon be vanished by what you don’t know
banished by the evil you spread
too long have love sat in the ambush of the loneliness.

Let our souls unite in graceful dance
in the eternity of the heavens
let us fly over the walls,
to the places of our minds
where we can live as one.

Power of our flight will burn the walls below us
and freedom will catch them by surprise
in their comfortable coldness
of marble blooded fortress.

Let us join in almighty choir
and sing once more songs of friendship!
Let us be the Judgment day
so longly predicted and wanted!

For we are the ones,
oh, brothers in the sky
they fear the most!
For our fearless is the one,
oh, sisters in the sky
that scares them the most!

For the truth we carry with us
is the only terror they fight!
Oh, let us join in the almighty Choir,
and be the Judgment day for the walls!


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