Turbo Folk

Give a money to a thief
Give a power to the killer.

Give a government to their children,
give them brush so they can paint.

Give a song
to those that can not sing.

Replace an ax by the gun
and book by tv screen.

Give a knowledge to a psychopath
and give them freedom too.

Give a camera to a Narcissus
and internet to a perve.

Give a school to a racist
and give a faith to a sinner.

Give an understanding to a murderer,
and video games to children.

Give a medicine to a hater
and place whores in front of doors.

Give an argument to the hunters
replace their divinities by bombs.

Give a drug to a youth
and a child to a tramp.

Let us sit comfortably in front of our screens
and watch the atomic explosion of turbo-folk.



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