The Era of Charlatans

Science: rest in peace.
Doctors: Retreat!
Propaganda war!

Knowledge comes from the sky
from the smoke and rituals!

The Era of Charlatans has come!
Progress melts down in conservative minds.

Let us once more experience
middle ages plagues!
And in  diseases once eradicated
let our children crawl!

What is natural we shall not dispute!
Let us dance our ritual dance in
pure sewerage!
Let rats be our neighbors!
Let our kids play with cockroaches
in the urban jungles, we’ve built!
Let receive their generous gifts!
Make them feel warm and cozy!

Let us then stop using fire!
The first invention of them all!

Universe wait! For a millennium, two or more!
We are too busy with traveling in past.

Progressors, scientists – silence!
Or for the higher cause
you’ll be spread and left to the mercy of crows!
Stones will hit your exposed bodies,
so please, progressors and scientists: Silence!

Stars will only share their secrets
when discovered.

The era of Charlatans has emerged!
Civilization melt down has come.


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