Prayer to Soča

What secrets do you carry
in the wilderness of your flow?
Beauty of an emerald glow,
untamed mountain fairy.

Share your stunning power,
and again, in rage, you rise!
Fill with your force our eyes!
For evil be the last hour!

Loose your rocky chains,
as before, drown sins in your streams!
make true a good men’s’ dreams,
drown all our cries and pains.

Refresh us in your icy waves,
remind us of a dream of human,
make us again man and women.
Remind us that we are nobodies slaves!

Let your divine beauty enter our veins,
our heart to become one with soil,
wash from our skin a hypocrisy oil,
let us forever forget our names.

Too long we’ve been living by your side,
not hearing a message you are giving:
for the cruelty, you are unforgiving,
torture and barbarity in your fierce die!

My heart now speaks to you, o river,
hear my words and prayers,
be again the one who cares,
wash the lust for power from the earth forever!

Show us what a true force is,
so we no longer wonder,
and let us never again look for another,
and let us never again kill in name of his.

We need a salvation, o Mountain Queen!
dead but alive, deaf and blind,
forced to believe: after we die we’ll find,
paradise, Eden: more beautiful and clean!

So, raise in rage, and join us once more!
Let your streams guide them to their Eden,
free this world from their lord – the Demon!
And free us from the bond to adore!


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