Meet your true self

You don’t know who you are
you’ve been living in a lie.
you could be a superstar,
high up, in the sky!

Troubles with your self-esteem?
Feeling low or insecure?
Can you not fulfill your dream?
Waiting for love to occur?
Well, hesitate no longer!
Buy our book and join our courses,
you will once more feel stronger,
together we will beat negative forces!
Think positive and always say yes!
That’s the secret of every success!
Get rid of unwanted worry and stress,
Life is beautiful, go on, confess!
Not having job is just a gift from above,
embrace it with your positivism,
All you need is a hug, kiss, and love!
Buying food is pure negativism!
First, three courses gratis,
receive our shirt and DVD collection,
chase your fear away by yoga practice,
or, maybe, join our didgeridoo section!
Make love to a tree, to a dog,
let your every breath be worth
don’t you anymore wander in a fog,
call us, and give yourself another birth!
This world is not what you see,
just wish hard and send your wish to the sky,
and then sit and wait, patience is a key,
also, we sell weed, it’ll get you high.
Join us, and learn how to dance,
you need no job, friends, family
three courses gratis, grab your chance
come to us, for money we’ll free you from your sanity!

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