Cheating poem

We lie here caught by morning
in our memory: a sin of a night;
a phone call- unwanted warning –
what we have done, was not right.

Like a shit I feel, in a stinky sheet ,
where a sweat of our shitness lays,
nasty smell of our cheaty feet –
with guilt colored future days.

I look at you while you are asleep,
thinking it was even not worth it,
to sell my friend’s trust so cheap,
and to again prove myself I am a hypocrit.

But than again, adrenalin I felt
while screwing you, knowin it was wrong –
now I watch you as emotions of guilt melt,
feeling between my legs yet once more strong.

I press myself inbetween your hairy butt
once, two times more, it won’t be bigger sin,
with my friend on my mind is, somewhat,
a game, infact, I’ve always wanted to win.

I ride a victory with your legs inbetween my neck
your mosty toe under my nose,
while as dead fish you lie on your back –
all picture me in a role of crap shows.

Lightining a cigarete, walking down the street,
thinking of how now is too late to prevent,
all my body bathed in stuffy heat,
I know, tomorrow I’ll repeat the night we spent.


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