Waiting point in human rights protocol

In the corner of our humanity,
you live alone, little boy,
avoided as a minefield,
a threat to our vulgar sanity,
hidden from our perverted joy –
AIDS being your precious shield.

Mines have made forest to recover,
and you will be pure as well,
no matter what they say, little boy,
you really don’t need a hypocrite lover,
nor humanities despicable smell,
for as a society, we only strive to destroy.

They feel sorry for you little one,
they preach about your misfortune,
proclaiming as a saviors of a victim,
some, just want to make fun,
with you to clean their filthy conscience,
nevertheless, you feel, we are all wicked.

They haven’t seen how trees have grown,
a peace in which animals live,
protected by their killer mines
never was to them shown,
that their evil can in fact give,
and that life actually exists behind their lines.

I’ve seen mines protecting nature
as I see AIDS protecting you,
from egocentric human being,
making both you and Forest greater,
not being a part of our zoo,
protected from our verbal eating.

You’ve already been a criminal without blame,
and destined to live in isolation,
you already bear a cross for us all.
The death of your parents left you nothing but shame.
You are a reflection of humanity starvation,
a waiting point in human rights protocol.

The only one that will save you
from labor, from beating, from raping,
is a disease you carry in your veins,
it provides you a path of escaping,
it keeps you away from society chains.


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