I live in a depth of your flesh
provoked by beauty, I then obsess
your mind because I want to possess
her skin so tight and look so fresh.

How sophisticated she sounds
she is well educated and elegant
every world is a harmony of intelligent
femme fatale – with no extra pounds.

 Do you think I am blind?
you can lie and pretend that in fact
you are cold and that they don’t attract
you by their legs: I know your mind.

 You’d both be so happy
if we’d all leave you in the room alone;
you are constantly with her on a phone;
if it weren’t for me, you’d be so eased.

 For she is everything I wish to be
tall, fragrant, and charming,
she is full of energy and always active
and so much prettier than me.

 But still, I can’t understand what
you see in this old woman, mother
she could be, besides woman of another,
while jerking on her, did you think about that?

 I see you close your eyes while
we are making love, is that because
you think of that woman which is already in menopause?
The one responsible of your constant smile?

 One thing’s for sure my love
I am not going to tolerate this
and don’t try to say that I am your only miss
You can have that old tramp from above.

 I sit now alone, missing you a lot,
even though you are a total jerk
between such a Casanova and me won’t work,
for me, you are just too smart and too hot.

 I know you gave up your friends and phone
just to prove me I am wrong,
but you still can’t hide your lusty look on their long
shiny naked legs, I just can’t save you from you alone.

 You say I am crazy and sick
well enjoy for now you can have all those magic bodies
but one to love you as I do, among those hotties,
you will never find. And you are a dick.



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