Power of NO

Statistics: knock on 100 doors
and you will receive 99 and half NO’s.

We can go pretend we are nice
but counting on human help is like throwing a dice.
We use this power just because we can
and we kill one’s will before it even began.
Your lives surrounded by nothing by lies
that no longer you recognize honest cries.
Hiding behind icy walls of ignorance and arrogance:
nothing must embarrass your artificial elegance.
Refreshing it must be, gather all your frustrations
and with NO bring it up to unknown strangers.
Eating shit from your boss, so-called friends, and companion,
liberating must be to say no, your passion.
NO gives you importance you want so much,
opportunity to make fun and to judge.
You believe solely to big jumbo posters, to lies,
blinded by television, one in real need beside you dies.
Research  I’ve made about approach to a human,
I’ve learned nothing but that with no reason we are cruel.
That feeling of importance which is given by NO
is more seductive than help, no matter where you go.
If you are unable to advertise your need or your pain,
nothing from highly promoted human kindness you’ll gain.

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