Institute for Employment

This morning a Man walked in –
Institute for Employment
skinny, pale, gray skin …
embodied lack of enjoyment.

 Walking along the edge of illusion;
by the need to survive he is enslaved;
facing an ultimate exclusion
which when born was already paved.

For years trying to fit in;
to sleep, to eat – the only aspiration;
now faced with counter’s grin,
yet another rejection – no salvation.

Only taking, only prohibiting;
decades of fights and efforts;
all his capabilities crippling;
now faced with counter’s contempt.

Anxious mornings, wild beast in his chest
 nights without sleep, filled with shivering;
nervous, ill, stressed …
now faced with counter’s ignoring.

His mind is handicapped by finding a solution,
his human decency lost long ago;
his body is sold for 2 Eur per hour: pure prostitution;
falling in unstoppable vertigo.

His wish to join into reality of the world –
no longer to be solely bystander;
to escape the destined underworld –
inaccessible with his kind of candor.

Constant riot of right and wrong, good and evil,
violent battle of reality and illusion, truth and lie;
have they made enslavement legal…?
Searching for answers, can anybody reply?

In suburbs and darkness of his days
to wander, to starve, to struggle,
First-row witness of human kindness blase –
free for human predators – free for smuggle.

This morning he filled the office with his rage;
defeated by the life, no longer is he able to cope…
“no longer will I be a slave on a minimum wage!
I am going to die, but also I will bury this lying piece of hope!”




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