White phosphorus

Beautiful white Fireworks
unique decoration of child’s body;
live stream of the magic spark of Universe;
accompanied by melody: heavenly bloody

Your sadistic fantasies finally coming true!
Bodies trembling of pain, dick – lifting screaming;
your disgusting mouth waiting for phosphorus barbecue –
our screens showing sociopathic dreaming

You had no mother to give you heart –
your mind was invaded only by monsters;
with no understanding, no compassion, no warmth;
finding other emotional orphans to be your sponsors

Love is what you hate the most;
your biggest fear is freedom;
other than white should be roast;
poor must be eaten by your evil!

Enjoy your Hitlerian dream until it last!
For no longer will we let you burn and devastate!
Like Hitler, you’ll soon be just unwanted chapter of past!
And that will be a moment that will make again America great!




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