To a little gypsy boy

You’ve betrayed your freedom when you raised that flag
thousands of years unshakable freedom of gypsies
Proud you should be:
for no flag is flag of your wild spirit
free of sins committed in the name of.
Proud you should be, little gypsy boy,
of you independent essence,
of music! naturally flowing through your veins!

Your innocent little hands raised it
with a joyful gleam in your dark eyes.
Just for a second – a luck –
that you too can be defined.

Your childish illusion cracked into pieces
fighting for your life
you’ve learned the true meaning of a flag.

Hate poured onto your helpless body –
every beat of your white little friends
raised by monsters, haters, and killers
killed a piece of your precious little joy

7-year-old murderers of innocence
children of nature’s worst scums
flag being their only shelter
their only importance
7 years old warriors of bloody kingdom

Oh little boy, hear me!
Don’t carry them in your soul,
remember the laughter, the joy!
Don’t give them importance they so badly try to achieve
Get revenge by forgetting!

And sing, please sing,
play with your pain and share it with your voice
hit the drums and dance
barefoot and dirty
Forever defy them with your freedom!

*song is meant as an apology to a little gypsy boy that got beaten by other (white) children when at some event he proudly rose the flag of the country they live in




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