Black hole

Raise in rage
the black wall of salvation
glory armor of the human heart!

Black hole! It is time –
Swallow their faces and bodies
into the infinity of your blackness.

Erase the existence of ones
giving self a right to rule upon our destinies.
Squeeze the horror into your tremendous energy!

Puppets from blood and flesh
lacking an imagination and soul
let forever float and decompose inside your mass gravitation.

Fill their mouth with black dust!
tie up their bloody hands
with victorious power of your invisibility!

Free their enslaved soul from its master – the lust!
Throw them to the place where their sins rest
witnesses of their crimes let them be!

Eat them with their own incests and perversion
fill their ears with blood and screams of their victims!
Black cry silence their depraved minds!

Last wish for them: Protocol!
Eat them politely and slowly.
Let your feast be accompanied by the divine melody of Mozart’s Requiem.



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