G20 Hamburg

Should be careful what I write
you have spies all around.
You are now to create future so bright
to make us friends again and to bound.

There’s a feeling that I get …
when I watch your lousy parade.
I see only the huge amount of our debt –
for that money, better puppets could be paid.

Waiting for spectacular shake of hands
for that conversation that will change the earth
for peace to invade our lands –
your mercy to give us another birth.

What’s on your menu: “Wine oder Beer”?
Which presents you will bring?
Uu, here comes Putin – world’s greatest fear,
seat him by the piano, let him sing!

We’ll ignore wisely, all those getting crushed
in front of the closed doors of your democracy.
A number of detained and wounded forever be hushed –
counting and naming them just unnecessary bureaucracy.

In the darkness of your prisons
upon them spill the primitive power of your sadism –
pour your fascism on those today you imprison.
Show us, who must guard hypocrite elitism.

Oh, dear leaders of the world, we promise,
not to watch. Freedom is what we hate the most.
Calmly drink your gin and tonic –
your friends in nuthouse will give them diagnose.

All we want our fair leaders so great,
is to see your power and more of your arrogance –
when Sunday lunch comes will bring a debate
Putin or Trump – who is more elegant?



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