Balkan Dream

What will you be when you grow up?
Move to Germany and get me a job.
I want to drink life from the biggest cup
there will I find that magical knob:

That will make my worries to disappear
all my life will get again meaning
I will make a marvelous career
It will be a day of my new beginning.

I will buy myself a brand new car
and built a three-floor house in my home village
everyone will praise me as a czar
maybe I will even build them a new bridge.

I’ll send money to the poor
and support nationalism from abroad
I will always blame the west for the war
wherever I go I’ll spread the word of our God.

In Germany, I’ll have security and salary
but without “roštilj” and “rakija” how to survive?
It is clean, that I agree –
but to hear those trumpets – forever my heart will strive.

I’ll have to be calm and respect the peace
to be polite and unable to insult
I’ll have to control my sudden caprice
which for me is too difficult.

I won’t ever forget about Balkan pride
of our history and our power,
I will preach about it while I ride
in BMW wearing a coat from fur.



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