Missed hypothesis

So many of us
looking for the sun
waiting for a life bus
with room for everyone.

Squeezed on crowded station –
each one of us is the best
witnessing a knowledge inflation
waiting for a bus to the west.

And we wait for Godot to come
with the superhuman patience –
soon our skin will color numb
our dreams – replaced by frustration.

Buying ticket after ticket
front row in the bus to life –
the station seems as wicked
a place of hate and strife.

In waiting room after the hell
infected by an infinitive dream;
and no-one comes to tell
that what have thought us is just a scheme.

Forgotten we stand
victims of lies and false promises
completely unplanned
Defined as missed hypothesis.

But we’ll stand here
for dreams is all we’ve got
with time we’ll disappear –
Never sold, nor bought.



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