We’ll boil our Earth:
you’ll be a restroom of the progress!
your bodies we will feed with poison
rivers replace with black gold
and sun will burn everything you grow.

Your soil is to become your enemy
your soil is to eat you.

We will then take your children …
the essence of your life
starve them. beat them. rape them.

…your children will lack health,
lack strength, lack knowledge…

So we’ll pour our sperm onto an anorexic land:
Impotent seeds of ours.

Under the almighty lights of our temple
we’ve sacrificed an innocent blood
and finally, a time has come
from laboratory cured of infertility to step out!

Environmentally friendly, sustainable, ecological!
Future of our reproduction –
enriched with vitamins, minerals, nutrients!

Able to cope with extreme temperatures,
lack of water, pests and weeds!

Replace your child for a soulless biological machine:
Stronger bones, thicker skin, controllable and committed!
Faster, longer-lasting, healthier!
available also with genes of hyena

Mothers! Be first to vitness the scientific miracle!
genetically modified Homo Robotus:
This is the future!

Our sperm is the future –
the future of the upcoming hell.


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