You come from the North
carrying a holy grail of civilization
Self-proclaimed landers of the Earth
sons and daughters of the holy nation.

You are carried by wings of your sense
you are the salvation we don’t desire
you are here to offer us your defense
to carry our values to the point much higher!

Preaching of the suffer of our wives
disgusted of our low hygiene standard
our centuries long lived lives
are defined by you as backward.

“They are not humans as you are!
Primitive, uneducated, unsophisticated, dumb!
They have never heard of caviar!
The land is dark from where they come!”

Amazed by our exotic culture
by our exotic spirits and bodies
you’d then paint us your boring future,
make us believe your hypocrite stories:

To prosper we need your towers of production
to poison our bodies, water, and food;
we have to sacrifice our peace through massive destruction
let our all history being devalued.

Attached to your needle of democracy
we lose our dignity, families, and homes
with help of you fair and just bureaucracy
our love turns into meatless bones.

Who do you think you are,
dear misses and misters of the progress,
to make the world turn around you as you were a star
and everything different to mock and to suppress?

Boring dolls with no warmth and feelings
narcissistic defenders of your human rights
people with no ideas, no imagination nor dreaming
poor zombies on sedatives and drugs.

Unable to understand life without lust,
you go and teach people of greed;
to want more must become a must
in the first place to put a wish and not a need.

Buying our women for special services
making our children work in filthy mines
drugged men becoming purposeless
while you abhor over your own crimes.

Your only ability is to define:
equality, democracy, human rights, and peace,
bring order into the speech and the rhyme
spreading the fascism of your aristocracy.

By force and by tricks you made our land your dump
made our flesh your cheap labor power
and now going around the world playing dumb
selling us services like toilets, ovens or shower…

Your life rests on the sweat of the poor
while you play classless, liberated and free;
we feed you and you’re a savior
our sweat is the coffee your drink carefree.

Your worst crime over entire humanity
is that you believe that you’ve smarter of the rest –
you are violently pushing us into your insanity
perverted guides to almighty West.


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