We are afraid of gunshot
so we choose long and painful death.
Scared of being caught
we live in chains until our last breath.

Truth blurs inside of our minds
while lies are gaining power and voice;
hiding mind in the shadow of blinds
we choose with enemies to rejoice!

We bury future with the memory of past
forgetting duty toward our offsprings;
we wish to live unsurpassed
while someone else is pulling our strings.

Declaring our freedom peacefully
while our army slaughters and kills;
we strive to live decently
daily humiliated to pay your bills.

I ask you to run
disconnect from the screens and wires
into the mountains, towards the sun,
throw your soul into the fires!

Let your blood to boil
feel the life in your limbs
feel once more a freshness of our soil
fly freely with your own wings!


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