European Empire

Oh, Europe, you hypocrite majestic beauty!
Built upon everlasting slavery.
Out of blood and suffering, your temples are,
out of lies and promises you live.

Oh, Europe, you still live!
for east and south are not as rotten as you!
parasites on billions and billions of good people
their kindness is the one that saves you!

Scared of people’s power, you are:
Hiding in your “château”, seeds of fear you spread
Thousands of years you’ve been showing us an unimaginable evil
you hold us by fear: and that is why you rule.

No mercy, no justice, no decency
run through veins of your people;
in their eyes only lust for money and things
blinded with their chained comfort.

Not seeing with their own eyes
seeing only what you want them to see;
not reading with their own mind
only knowing what you want them to know.

Under supervision of your almighty eye
in freedom, they believe;
the truth they believe in is what comes out of your speakers,
and justice is your killing around the world.

How long will you take their bodies?
How long will you rape their children?
How long will your white perversion enjoy the suffering?
How long will you feed your blood with their organs?

Oh, victims of Western Empire!
Time for new explorations and discoveries has come!
Once more to invade an uninhabited land,
save yourselves in the mountains and woods.

Wake up once more your primary instinct
Hunter and gatherer we all once more should be;
hide in endless nature’s shelters –
again one with our mother our lives should be.

For we are not civilized, my fair brothers:
Unable to smile while we lie,
Unable to keep our blood cold.
We are mother natures children
and rotten Europe is not our home.


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