when night turns on the light of memories
teeth chew my stomach, throat, bowels
scourge hits hard my mind with past stories.

I see my friends turning back on me
never was I loved by you
your betrayal should set me free.

waiting for time to bring oblivion
time betrays me too…
your picture throws me into delirium.

blinded by the sound of a music
nothing but a sweet intruder
and reality insensibly become an illusion

the only comfort I long for
your misery, sorrow, plague…
can not stop ego from it’s started war

a battle for fields of my soul
will I carry on or be stuck forever
will I ever escape the gravity of this black hole?

I wear mask of forgiveness
saving left pieces of my decency
love feels ashamed of sickness

to vomit your insulting artificiality
my smile is stolen
suffer from complete loss of my personality…

your hypocrisy has made me old
tired of mind games wishing only the truth
reasons never will be revealed nor told


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