Lost Dreamer

Children dream about life by the sea
following other kids run through narrow stone streets
diving into the blue of spirited waves
and lose their thoughts in the hights of white fresh sheets.

As they grow they learn to be ashamed
of their dreams and thoughts, of their naivety –
they learn to appreciate their spot and homes
and they no longer dream dreams with such bravery.

They’ll travel and wake up little kid inside them
and will learn how to keep quiet the voice saying let’s go
fulfilling the dream will become a childish egoistic thought
fear will replace a wish – as they grow.

Walls will be higher between child and a man
not to insult and to meet expectations
he’ll build a fortress, throw himself in prison
and will yearn for environment’s congratulations.

Every advice and every help will be just another brick
desperate he’ll search the meaning and his soul;
and child’s laughter will become louder and louder
telling that sky is an escape from that guarded hole.

Take a hand of a child inside you
follow him and fulfill his dreams
swim the wildest rivers and streams
for your safety is not as safe as it seems.


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