Free the future of the sin

Instead of bombs let’s drop seeds,
seeds of trees that’ll make us forget
and seeds of flowers with love’s scent

let plants do what we are unable to reach:
fill our eyes with prosper and growth
let rivers flush our infinite loath

instead of poison let’s give our water freedom
freedom to spread around places we live
to everyone the same opportunities for life to give

what we failed to deliver, let water spread:
equality and justice for all creatures on earth
dignity to lay in each cradle of birth.

instead of smoke let’s give our air flowers –
flowers to breathe to carry around
with sweet aroma let us all be bound

let air spread around brotherhood of men:
friendship, mercy, and will to hear –
let air make our ignorance curtains to disappear

instead of shops let our laughter be spread
around the meadows and forests –
let green be again the colour of honest

let us stop rapping our mother
for out of her womb we all have been born –
and for our current pleasures, her crib’s being torn.

Instead of death and hate let seas disperse life
let them take away our responsibility to rule
let seas mighty make us feel like a fool

fools who think they get to decide
what should live and what should die
fools acting like mystic force from the sky

let the fire burn all our greed and envy
let seeds of our sins be forever destroyed
and love be freed from a burden of a doubt

and then maybe we will have a future
and our children will be healthy and wealthy
enjoying nature’s gifts and life’s lengthy




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