On the shores of the Morava

Peace of my soul
I was searching you
for so long

you flow now calmly
in front of me
returning by the strings of wind
into my heart

breathing the air of my childhood
how I wish you were here
quietly enters my head
taking me with your
slow and gentle waves back
to a time of the innocence

sun enters my eyes
playfulness awakes in me
once more and
take yet another chance
to guide me through
the shores of my life

how I wish I was a tree
forever stuck next to you
fulfilled with your decency
and grace
humbly leaning my
branches towards your
soft and crystal water
capturing your unselfishly
given and flowing
beauty and tenderness

oh, how I wish I was this
blameless almighty creature
where children seek shadow
below which youth is singing
where lovers join in their first kiss
where poet can find words of
eternity and comfort.

embrace me willow
and accept me into your dance
with the wind and Morava!
let me be a part of your love!
for I have found my place
guarded in centuries by the river
that feeds you with life.

I am no longer a lost soul
swimming in a fish bowl.
You made a wish, and I am here.





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