Tornado of my heart

suddenly, dam inside my chest broke
and tears flooded my face;
the stage was ready and everybody saying
that everything’s gonna be alright…

not knowing what was wrong

and I trembled in a fight with pride that
wouldn’t allow to admit that you
managed to broke this dam, not by force
but with sweetest words that echoed in a sudden silence

and I was about to play our song

as my existence in your past dissolved
with formality and politeness, so did a tornado of my heart
awoke to pump every desperate message and tries
to fill this silent gap between my flesh and emotion

now is when I have to be strong

lights of a scene blinded my conscience leaving my
pain to pour onto my strings overflowing every cell
again with purity and dignity; angelic sound undressed my
feelings and applause was just another insult in a row

why am I giving myself to you and this throng?


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