Soundtrack of our love

All melodies and harmonies I used to bath in
you selfishly colored with your presence –
and with your leaving you turned them into a weapon.

Weapon of memories placing you again in my room
to torture me with your nonexisting presence
to relive a pain caused by your evanescence.

Our mind was carried by the soundtrack of our love
accordion brings me the scent of those midnight pancakes
you even made me dance with the first snowflakes.

Found my precious gloves in that first snow
you were a movie that chose me as its star
and were a melody created by strings of my guitar.

 Minutes and seconds were passing
slowly eating duration of our time
unaware were I giving all of my songs and rhyme

I tried to find new songs, but they were all gone
silence replaced those warm and passionate sounds
silence which threw me from heaven to cold grounds

and you keep dancing after you cut off my feet
you keep smiling after you replaced mine with bitter
and you keep being quiet as this mean freezy winter

I cry for my melodies and songs, for my comfort
now they are poisoned by heartlessness and memory
let you be loved by whoever is not loved by me


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