Shaking hand with death

in the deaf of the night
sweet percussion of raindrops
wakes me up – counting
duration of my happiness –
bringing threat that I too
as them, by tomorrow can be
gone – evaporate from this ground
into the sky –

they spread a fear
to take with them what is dear

and like an old man
among cold walls of the hospital
waiting for dark to
leave him without a breath
with horror in his eyes …
is this the last thing
I will see … I too stalk death’s
footsteps with prayers…

coloring future in blear
inviting tear by tear

to leave us behind …
but more and more I see
it around the corners,
more and more I have
to shake its hand
… and raindrops bring a threat
that by the morning loved
one can evaporate as them …

… maybe this is your last year
don’t spend it in fear … 


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