Why true men die …

Oh my heart trembled in sweet admiration
while I listened to your words of intelligence
adorned with elegance and sophistication
you filled my little world with luscious eminence

nights were colored with phrases and quotes
with names and facts and debates and wine
your promises perfumed my sky with bright hopes
oh, and with proud, my lungs were filled for you were mine!

you made my life a movie scene, for a while
with unexpected surprises, dances, poems, flowers …
with sudden moods in Louis Garrel style –
but the sweetest for you was stabbing the back of others

and you were selling yourself for cigarettes and gin
sucking up to famed, to renowned, esteemed
you made friends only with those who’d make you win
and suddenly you weren’t so magical as you seamed

Disgust was the last feeling you felt for me
with disgust and repulsion, you now pronounce my name
I lack art, I lack wisdom, I lack empathy, and I can not see
the importance of recognition’s seductive flame

for that night I stabbed you with sharp sword of truth

nothing but slug, a coward! deceiving true soldiers to die
on their back building fame and seducing their wifes
feeling superior to others because of ability to lie
sociopath that takes the right to play with other people’s lives.



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  1. Sadah says:

    Great piece of work.

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      1. Sadah says:

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