Drown in the arpeggios of the guitar

in my blood sound of a wooden flute
sometimes gets replaced by wild arpeggios
of Spanish guitar … then I put on a suit

of eternal fire hungry for rain
inside wich, a child in me dies
and tremolo dresses into his cries

my footsteps can finally be heard
and I dance … I dance embraced in wild rhythm
to be welcomed by proud of wolf’s herd

and I burn … I burn my tears in flame
as my fingers melt in the untamed harmony
and spirit blazes in never-ending agony

a rusty voice of  gypsies in the distance
in the infinite search for a home …
force me to question the meaning of my existence

and I drown in the immortal twilight
whereas an old beggar, I beg for long gone peace
and patiently wait for my decease


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