Just a memory, or a future ?

I had a dream …

That again like brothers we ‘ll join our hands
In freedom to raise the children of future
That borders will be washed between our lands
That once again we’ll join in the fight against our abuser

I had a dream …

That neighbor again will become a dear friend
That worker and peasant again in respect will live
On our work that our destiny will once more depend
Brotherhood and unity in our hearts will revive

For there is no bread in the lands of our enemies
There is no mercy beyond the borders of our motherland
There are just slavery and neverending agonies
No compassion, no liberty nor helping hand

Bitter is a bread they serve you, my brothers,
Imprisoned in grey walls your life should be
Your flesh will be whipped to serve killers, aggressors
To be a slave to aristocrats and the old bourgeoisie

In our eyes, I see the same dream, desire
Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia in all I have seen
The same need for freedom that burns the fire
Burns the fire of rebel in our same gene

I had a dream, my brothers

With our love to become once again one
That bathed in rays of freedom our hearts will beat
That our desire for unity over crime has w
And that Brotherhood once again our oppressors will defeat


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