Lessons gained in France

Two very important lessons I gained during my stay in France:

  1. never eat any shit they are offering you, no matter how suitable or attractive it seems. Stay true to your beliefs and moral, and reject it.
  2. never take anything seriously, except you own rights or the rights of another living being. Always have fun, make jokes and live relaxed but stay aware of justice and honesty.

Following those two rules, life will get a bit tougher than imagined, but after some time, some years, you will live exactly as you want: free and honorable.

Europe doesn’t accept non-killers.

There are people to whom we have to be grateful. Every day, in every moment, there is someone fighting for our rights, for our freedom …

Choosing life, choosing love!

Life is all about decisions. And there are people who decided not to kill, no matter what. In the matter of fact, a convoy of such people stands in front of the gates of Europe Almighty.

But Europe doesn’t accept non-killers.

Innocence must stay away from Europe, honesty must never approach it, love is allowed only if artificial, and don’t you dare mention any rights.

For they know your rights as soon as you are born. Your destiny is written in your mother’s blood.

Europe seduces you with its Siren Singing and Apparent Beauty and will enslave you the moment you approach it.

Stay away.

With Love

How to create a retarded generation

Home should be a place where you feel warmth, love, safety. I guess. But since I was little some place was enforced to be that to me, even though I felt no warmth, love nor safety. I grew up as a stranger. Born in one of the greatest countries of the world which have torn apart, leaving me living in one of the biggest assholes of the planet.

Born in the 20th century and then thrown back to 16th.

And who wore the blame?

Children. We were guilty of wanting to live with time. We were punished for correcting our backward teachers without diplomas who gained a job as an award for their active destruction of the former system. Old crows destroying lives of hundreds and hundreds of young destinies.Eliminating everyone that was from the south, making them retards, stupid, and problematic.

Parents, raised to believe system more than anyone else, even their own children, have punished their boys and girls, while school, knowing that fact, did nothing to save children, only encouraged parents, in hypocrite way, to do so even more.

Children, once the most important segment of society, had become, overnight, unnecessary, an obstacle, something strange and different.We grew up, unimportant, and guilty. All the guilt and shame adults felt was transferred to us in their feverish wish to destroy our innocence and honesty. If we refused to cooperate in their lie that the world they built (read destroy) for us is better of the one they lived in, we’d fuel their aggressiveness and then be guilty also for bringing them to that condition.

Our youth and guilt of our parents and schools are overshaded with blood that was spilled for nothing.

We remain living with no apologies, we are the generation of frustrated people, lacking love and understanding. In the zone of coldblooded zombies that refuse to accept the truth and in the land that is spreading arrogance with each step its citizen takes.

Not crying for anything, for we are not allowed to cry. We are not allowed to complain. And we are not allowed to fight. We must be glad, thankful, and satisfied. Our mother’s and father’s still choosing who are we going to marry, of course in more profound and hidden way.

While the rest of the world has experienced progress in the technological field, here, human intelligence is progressively used in destroying other people’s lives in a way that seems he/she destroyed it herself.

But the rage and injustice we felt remained living in us. Many of us, converted it into a lie, that they have deserved being mistreated in school and to be beaten by parents. Many even deny of being so.

Persuaded that killing and hate of our parents is the only way to save our lifestyle and culture (read folklore) my generation is manifesting all the violence and abuse in hate towards newcomers, willing to beat them, even kill them.

From the generation that experienced only hate, injustice, and rage, is hard to expect anything else.

But from the person that have become lovable, understandable, and opened, even though that she/he lived in the same conditions is impossible to ask, to call that asshole a country and its citizens who are joined only in hate towards the third, people.

There are no excuses for hate and violence. It should be diagnosed as sickness for it is a cancer of our society and it is killing healthy cells or making them sick too. It should be treated as an illness, or it should be removed out of the system.

It hurts me that I come from a lie that should for the sake of the children and for the sake of those coming here now, or after 30, 40, 100 years, never be allowed to happen. This is not a country, nor anything civilized: this is an asshole of cosmos.

With love,





United Nations or United Ignorance

“I felt fear. How have they managed to kill me? I am not wounded, I am not slaughtered, I am not dead, but still … I don’t exist” (Mehmed Meša Selimović: The Fortress).

There is the new way of killing on the march. And it is called THE IGNORANCE.

Truth has become the main fear of our lives. Everyone is hiding behind the false walls of their lies. Try to break their walls by simply telling a truth … you won’t be punished, you won’t be murdered, you won’t be tortured … you will be ignored.

It seems like no big deal. And that is a trick. You will feel it like a blessing: “Oh, look, I can go on and tell the truth and no one will hurt me. Such a nice world to be living in. And what a great way to get rid of all that fakers.”

But after 5 years of your enthusiastic spreading the truth … you will end up ignored by all your local and regional environment.

While fighting on the wings of a truth you will not even realize when a firm coalition of sophisticated hypocrisy has formed around you willing in anytime to suffocate your being. And they do it.

You simply stop to exist. You talk, nobody listens. They take your job but demand from you all sorts of payments. You explain but they don’t care. You must pay it. You try to get a new job. You don’t exist. You want to fight for your rights. No one either supports you nor listens to you. You are a traitor for them all. For who are you? To fight for their and your rights? What do you think about yourself? You have to lower yourself down boy, you are not Che Guevara, and even he got himself killed for fighting for other people’s liberty. You are a threat for a worker, you are humiliating him by standing up for your rights.

You are left alone, at the society’s suburb, offered for different and more direct kind of criminals.

As we are social creatures, like any other forms lives, for our existence it is crucial to be able to interact. Even a fight is a way of interaction and proof of your existence. And of course, in the fight, there is always a possibility for you to win. If you are killed your death is a proof of your existence. And there is a slight chance somebody will remember why you died and how you lived. If they imprison you, you will interact and possibly find friends in prison. And all of those ways would in some point prove that you are right.

So, the best way is to pretend that you don’t exist. And possibly make you a person of a vivid imagination, paranoid, schizophrenic, conspiracy theorist – which you in the end, if you go into a fight with them have a very high possibility to become.

You become an imprisoner of a psychological fortress of your environment. No matter where you turn, there is a wall of almighty ignorance. People pretending they have no idea what are you talking about, all collaborating in claiming that “since you were a child you were one of the specials with great potential, but you know how is it with talented and intelligent people: their own brain burn them. Just can’t figure out what went wrong with that boy”.

Like mentioned before, mainstream media is doing its best to fulfill a media space with quasi-human heroes and therefore stealing the attention of those really interested in any kind of injustice from real fighters and giving it to one’s producers have chosen to spread a word of peace and justice. Consequently, making out of you some lame imitator who only wants his piece of fame.

The best solution for such kind of person, if he/she wants to save himself or herself from really ending up in a mental hospital, is to stay entirely independent from a state, or any other institution. Because no matter how much they pretend that you don’t matter, trust me, you are important. They are waiting for you to become dependent on them in any kind. Because when it comes to bills for flat, for water, for the internet, for anything, you do exist and you can end up in jail not for fighting for a truth, but for some ticket or bill you “forgot” to pay. Or of course, the mental hospital is still the best place to put you in while they all agree that you schizophrenic.

Reading a lot, I see that our time is no exception when it comes to making the only sane person insane. It is nothing special, they did it through all the history. The only difference is that in the middle ages, for example, they would burn me alive for saying this.

Naturally, since we have this mainstream media inflation of all sort of information, even these kind that people got so fed up with it that they are tired of listening, I sound to myself very pathetic.


photo credit: Aleksandar Mazzora


Mainstream media stealing my headlines.

Until we, as the “civilized” and highly “developed” world can watch all that UNICEF commercials about people’s suffering, convincing ourselves that if we donate we are actually helping, there will be no end of those people’s hell.

I don’t want to do that speech about morals and everything. Mainstream media is shitting so many of those per day that they are losing any sense, and I just can’t find myself on the same side as some Hollywood actress. Something just doesn’t feel right.

They talk so much about famine, injustice, inequality, rights, global warming, new ways to improve your life and make the world a better place, that real people, that really have something to say just lose themselves in hordes of all that attraction prostitutes.

And while we talk and play democratic negotiations in which we give ourselves right to decide about other people’s lives, (.. like … who are we exactly? We graduated at Harvard and that gives us a qualification of God? )

people are dying. Children are starving. And we are all full of excuses.

We are talking and negotiating. It is not so simple to redistribute all that food we throw away. We need to talk and talk and talk and talk … if we do that, it will do that … but, if we do this, we will cause that … and finally … there’s just no money there. Who would pay for all that transportation of food to Africa, or we will lose very large amounts of money if our taxpayers won’t have to pay for transport from Africa. It is better to throw everything away. Our taxpayers will pay for garbage treatment, and look at this: we have another business!

When I was still a student finishing my master degree one of the professors said that Europe has nothing from Africa, that Africa is just a burden and cost for Europe. And that even today, African people live only of Europe’s generosity, which is in his opinion the biggest European’s mistake. This hurts me still, and I had to share it because after calling him stupid and racist I was nearly expelled.

I voluntarily dropped my schooling (even though I spent much more money for education that I could afford) when one of the other professors said in one of the classes of Economics, that in the Economy of the company, the most important thing is that the accountant is a woman. When asked why, he said, well, because in general, the auditors are men.

And those are men that create ” la creme” of our society.

And when I see all that promotion of love, friendship, equality, climate change, gay rights, women rights … and when I see it promoted by mainstream media and celebrities …

There is nothing about love, friendship, equality, climate change, gay, women …
it is about: you have money or you haven’t.

Today, was not a women’s day for all that women that have lost their children because of famine.

For the unemployed women in so-called developed world, today was not women’s day.

For women who were raped while others were watching or pretending not to see it, was not a women’s day.

For women who are sucking dick in order to have a job, today is not a women’s day.

For women who are sadly married pretending that diamonds and luxury villas are all that they need, is not a women’s day.

Today was not a women’s day for any of those women roaming in hope to find a better place for their children to live.

For women, whose children were stolen, was not a women’s day.

For women, caught in a war was not a women’s day.

Today, was not a women day for all those forced into prostitution.

Today, was not a women’s day for all that young girls, that because of a job can not afford to have children.

For women, whose reason for unemployment are her children is not a women’s day.

And today, was not a women’s day for any women who didn’t fight for her rights and her dignity.


Today is a hypocrisy day, like any other.
All of our special days ended up being April Fool’s Day.

In the end, what I wanted to say, I really don’t know. Guess I said it.

Children dying of hunger is much more complex and historical problem and it can’t be solved by SMS and some lame United Nation actions.
And what I wanted to say is: don’t fall for that positive discrimination. It is still a discrimination. It can not solve nothing.
Don’t be nice to me just because I am a woman. It is humiliating and discriminating.

This liberalism had made us so artificial it is simply unbearable to live anymore.

Happy Fool’s Day Everyone.